The Library

Sree Sankara College Library was established in the year 1954. It  was elevated to the status of a First Grade Library in 1972. The Library was shifted to present premises, Abhinava Vidhya Theertha Hall,  in 1989. All  the department libraries were centralised in the General Library following the government directive in 1995. The E-Library with a reference hall, adjacent to the main Library, was opened in 2007. The facility  functions with an uninterrupted power supply through a high capacity generator.

The normal functioning of the Library is assisted and governed by a Library Committee consisting of seven members with the Principal as the Chairman and the Librarian as the Secretary. Five Heads of  Departments too are incorporated in to this committee. The Library Committee meetings are held periodically and the requirements/improvements reviewed for further streamlining.

The Library functions on all working days except on Second Saturdays  and Government holidays. The lending section functions from 9.30 am to 4 pm.    All students, faculty members and the Administrative staff are the members of the Library. The library is mainly divided into three sections.

1. General Section:    

The Library subscribes to five English News papers, eight Malayalam dailies, 15 periodicals and 60 journals. These reading materials are available in the general section.

2. Lending section:

The library is fully computerised. The Dewey decimal classification system and the classified catalogue system are used in the library.

Users are allowed to search and collect the book by using the computer catalogue. The catalogue is available authorwise, Title wise, subject wise and publisher wise.

At  the beginning of the course five borrower’s tickets are issued to the PG students and one Ticket to the Degree students. The students are responsible for the safe custody of the borrower’s ticket. Students can keep the book in their custody for a maximum of 14 days. They are allowed to renew the book a single time  before the due date. From the  day following the  due date,  a fine of Rs.1/- will be levied for each book till its  date of return. Teaching faculty can  borrow up to 10 books and others 5 books.

3. Reference section: 

Reference books,  bounded volumes of journals and the dissertations  are displayed  separately for students and staff to access within the library. The library provides repographic service like photcopying facility in the library.

Strict silence should be observed in and around the library. All library arrears should be cleared by the students before they receive their hall ticket for the university examination or before obtaining the TC.