Anti Ragging Cell


Anti-Ragging Initiative


This institution will neither permit ragging in any form nor will it condone incidents of ragging, asserting full consonance with the relevant provisions of the ‘UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009’. For more details visit

In order to achieve the objectives of the Regulations, an Anti-Ragging Cell under Clause 6(3)(a) has been constituted as follows:

1.      Shri Sambhu Nampoothiri N.                                                    :              Chairman

2.      Smt. Anitha Abraham (Convenor)

         Assistant Professor, Department of Physics                             :                 9495217724

3.      Smt. Sreeja G.                                                                           :                 9037959668

         Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

4.      Dr.  Rupesh R.                                                                            :               9895174030

         Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi

5.      Shri  Anoop V.P.                                                                         :              9744777189

         Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce

6.      President, Kalady Grama Panchayat                                     

7.      Circle Inspector of Police, Kalady

8.      Shri M.K.Rajasekharan

         Media Representative

9.      Shri Ravikumar S.

         Parent Representative

10.   Smt. Vinitha Dileep

        Parent Representative

11.   Mr. Noel S.

        Student Representative

12.   Ms. Meghana K. S.

       Student Representative

                                                                             Contact No. : 0484 2462341

Incidents of ragging, if any, may please be reported to any of the numbers listed above.