Sri Sankara, the greatest philosopher ever is the inspiration in the minds of people in search of knowledge and enquiring the import of human life. His vision of oneness reveals the true nature of the whole universe as well as the self within everybody. The non-existence of duality graspable through the words of ancient seers of India are formulated by Sankara to make man aware of the essential nature of himself whereby man will become capable of developing the penetrating insight of true knowledge and the resultant bliss. The tranquility of mind hoarded from the pursuit of scriptural means ejaculate the goal of human birth. The elaborate treatises consisting of the direct and unambiguous philosophical ideas expounded by Sankara, lead man to an ethically enlightened and considerate fervor in due course of his life.
The Department of Sanskrit is the primary choice of the founder of Sree Sankara College- Srimad Agamanandaswami who tried hard to implement formal education for all people beyond man-made barriers of caste, creed and financial differences. Very eminent academicians like Prof. E.R.Sreekrishna Sarma and Prof. Sankara Sarma were the faculty members in the beginning. Post-Graduate Degree was introduced during the year 1983. In the year 2006, the Department was up-graded as a Research Centre. This year itself witnessed the beginning of a Registered National Journal ‘Sadvidya’ published annually. Two Departmental endowment awards for two best students in U.G. and P.G. classes were constituted. Every year, the top ranks in P.G. and U.G. examinations are secured by the students under faculty. The credit as a Research Centre has opened windows for a competitive achievement, a rare recognition for concerted efforts of the faculty towards a stupendous futuristic orientation. Dr.N.Usha Devi is a recognized Research Guide of the research centre affiliated to M.G.University.

Courses Offered

B. A. Sanskrit [Syllabus]

Sankara Vedanta Special [Syllabus]


M. A. Sanskrit Vedanta (10 seats)




1. Conducting ceremonies, celebrations and conventions every year in academic, cultural and social occasions like Gurupoornnima (Sanskrit Day), Month of Ramayana etc. Various programmes and contests are being conducted in participation of all students in the College and school nearby.
2. International Seminar – 2008
3. National Seminar – 2009
4. Annual Research Journal (Editor: Dr. N. Ushadevi)

Upcoming Events

1. National Level Seminar in 2014
2. Constituting a Digital Library of ancient Sanskrit Literature with collection and conservation of Manuscripts.


Ms. P. K. Madhuri
Dr. N. Ushadevi
Mr. K. Veeramani
Ms. Suvarnnani Antherjanam
Dr. V. V. Anilkumar
Dr. Harikrishna Sharma K. N.
Ms. Manju V. Kumar
Ms. Sreelekshmi R.

Research guides

Dr. N.Ushadevi

 No. of Ph D awarded : One
No. of Current research students: Five


1. Make the department a full fledged and excellent seat of Sanskrit learning, particularly Advaita Vedanta.

2. Remain as a knowledge centre of Indological studies and Research.

3. Serve the nation through contributing students, having excellent qualities.


Faculty achievements

1. Dr. N. Ushadevi

Author of various books published in Indological subjects.

Member of Board of studies (M.A Vedanta) in M.G.University.

Research Guide

Resource person in various academic Institutions.

Editor of the research journal- ‘Sadvidya’. Dept. of Sanskrit

2. Mr. K Veeramani

Member in Board of Studies &Chairman of Exam, CBCSS (B.A.Sanskrit. Vedanta) M. G. University.

3. Dr.V.V.Anilkumar

Visiting faculty in various academic and cultural institutions Master Trainee in CENSUS

4. Ms. S. Suvarnnani Antharjjanam

Member in Board of Studies (B. A. Sanskrit Vedanta) Kerala University

5. Dr. Harikrishna Sharma K N

Serving in projects of IGNCA, CIFSS and Unmesha Institute of Indology for the Conservation of Palm leaf Manuscripts.

Worked for the projects of National Mission for Manuscripts and AYUSH (Ministry of Health, Govt. of India) for the digitization and cataloguing of Ayurvedic Manuscripts of Kerala

6. Ms. Sreelakshmi. R

Performing Artist (Classical Dance)

Composed and performed Bhajagovindam Dance form.

Student achievements

Students of this department are getting scholarships for their academic Excellency and also succeeding in various essay competitions.



B.A (3 First ranks, 3 Second Ranks, 1 Third Rank)

M.A (4 First ranks)

Pass percentage:

2010-2011  BA – 60%.
2010-2011 MA. (IV sem) – 100%


Number of UGC/NET qualified students    : 10


Library                                    : Above 5000 titles in Sanskrit

Association                            : Sanskrit Association is functioning  for academic and cultural activities.

Remedial Coaching              : As per the norms of UGC

Tutorial sessions                   : As per the norms of UGC

Infrastructure                        : Essential furnitures, books,  teaching instruments, IT systems.


The department is associated with Chinmaya International Foundation Shodha Sansthan, Piravom.

Scholarships and Awards

1. Agamananda Swamy Smaraka Samithi Endowment

2. Fousadar Madhom Krisnammal Enowment.

3. Endowments Constituted by Retd. Prof. C. V. Sree Devi [Late] Of Sanskrit Department.

4. Scholarships from Govt. of Kerala


Dr. N Ushadevi. Post Doctoral Fellowship (UGC)

Devotional Mysticism in Appayya Dikshita.