Clubs & Other Activities



The College has an active Cultural Committee to coordinate the cultural activities among students and equip them to a competent manner participate in the University art festival other inter-collegiate competition and events of similar status.

Coordinator: Dr. P. Geetha          (Dept. of Economics)



 A group of nature loving teachers and students of this institution have formed a Bhoomithrasena club, under Bhoomithrasena scheme of Environment and Climate Changes Department, Kerala state. The members are engaged in various activities to promote love of nature and to give guidance for developing eco friendly life style.

 It includes planting saplings, organising seminars, debates , field trips, nature camps, awareness campaigns etc. The club is keen in observing all International days related to environment, such as Biodiversity day, Environment day, Population day, Ozone day , Pollution prevention day etc.

Convenor :    Dr.Mini K.D     (Dept. of Zoology)


Sakhi, the Women counselling centre started functioning in the college since 2006. The cell takes care to provide guidance and counselling to girl students and to  offer training in life skill development programmes. As per the sexual harassment against women at work place (prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013, Sec.4(1) an Internal Complaint Committee has been constituted in the college.

Co-ordinators :   Dr.S.Sreeja          (Dept.of Economics)

                               Dr.Preethy Nair   (Dept. of English)



The Science Club is a joint effort of the teachers of the Science Departments of this college.

The focus of the science club is to provide a platform for the students to further their quest in science as also to broaden their scientific horizon and sharpen their skills. The science club also offers an opportunity to peer teaching where the motto is ”let us learn together’.

Coordinator :    Dr.Minimol K.C    (Dept. of Zoology)



Heritage club functions under the guidance of the Department of History. It aims to create a consciousness among the people to preserve the cultural heritage.  Students of Heritage Club undertake various activities like preparing the history of the locality, visiting historical heritage sites, exploring unidentified historical sites like caves, ancient buildings,  conducting exhibitions, conserving  antiques etc. It also tries to create an awareness among the common people, the need to preserve valuable antiques within their houses.

Coordinator  :    Smt. Kavitha Sivadas  (Dept.of History)




An Entrepreneurship Development Club was inaugurated on 13th January 2017 by Dr. K. Krishnadas , Syndicate member, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and HOD, Dept. of Commerce. The club is registered with the District Industries Centre under the Entrepreneurship Development Club program of the Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. Of Kerala with Registration No. EDC/EKM/29/2017.w.e.f 13.07.2017.

The club has at present 75 students of Dept. of commerce and Dept. of Economics as members.


1.      To train our students to have the appropriate business insights and entrepreneurial skills.

2.      To cultivate the entrepreneurial skills and values among our students in order to develop knowledgeable and enterprising graduates.

  1. To nurture the development of quality entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in the local and global business industries.


Action Plan


1.      To conduct a talk and student interactive session with successful

 entrepreneurs within the state.                                            

2.      Industrial visit to start-up village, Cochin and other business enterprises

within the state.                                                                                 

3.      Conduct exhibitions to explore the talents of the students.  

Coordinator: Smt. S. Gowri Antherjanam, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce




NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning),a project funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, provides e-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and Humanities. This is a joint initiative by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore. Those who eager to pursue further in the related subjects through this on-line platform may register at also can join. Use a unique email id throughout the course run.


Aerospace engineering


Atmospheric Science

Chemical Engineering

Basic Courses


Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Metallurgy & Material Science

Electrical Engineering

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Electronics & Communication  engineering

Mining Engineering

Engineering Design

Ocean Engineering

Environmental Engineering



Textile Engineering

Humanities & Social Science


These courses are offered 2 or 3 times every year.

The course contents for NPTEL have been created by the  Indian elite institutes:Indian Institute of Technology, Madras(coordinating Institute), Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Patna&Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Types of courses/Duration

10 hour courses – 4 weeks

20 hour courses – 8 weeks

30 hour courses – 12 weeks

NPTEL Procedure

·         You will receive soft copies of  study materials & video lectures.

·         Weekly assignments have to be submitted .

·         At the end of the program there will be online examination.

·         The certification criteria for the courses 

Final marks = 25% average assignment score + 75% certification exam score

For calculation of the average assignment score (unless announced differently by the faculty member):

best 3 out of 4 assignments will be considered for the 4 week- 10hr courses

best 6 out of 8 assignments will be considered for the 8 week - 20hr courses

best 8 out of 12 assignments will be considered for the 12 week - 30hr courses


Based on the final marks obtained, the following criteria for certification will apply:

Final marks <40 : No certificate - No hard copy; No e-certificate)

40 <= Final marks <= 59 : Certificate that says successfully completed the course

60 <= Final marks <= 89 : Successful completion certificate with Elite tag

Final marks >= 90 : Successful completion certificate with Elite tag and gold medal tag

Exam fee

Remit the exam fee only if you are prepared to take the examination.( Even if you do not take the exam you will receive the study materials).

Exam fee is Rs. 1000/- per course (Rs 1250 for     programming course).SC/ST students can avail 50 % fee exemption on the production of Certificate.


Coordinator: RevathyBabu, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology




The Parent Teacher Association of the college keeps a crucial role in keeping track of the academic activities of the college. Its meetings are held regularly to obtain feedback from students and their guardians regarding  the academic standards of the institution. The PTA is governed by an executive committee whose members are elected from among the class representatives.

Staff  Coordinator         :              V.B.Nishi ,    ( Dept. of Hindi)




The College is proud to have a vibrant Alumni Association which plays an active role in all curricular and co curricular activities of the college. The alumni association comprises of luminaries  drawn from various fields including art, media, law, films, literature and entrepreneurship. The association is in the forefront of providing an academic boost through scholarships and financial support to economically backward students. The current President of the Alumni Association is Mr. K.T.Eldhose and the General Secretary is Adv.M.V.Pradeep

Staff  Coordinator      :              Sri C.P. Jaisankar,    ( Dept. of English)