Walk With a Scholar Programme(WWS)

Walk With a Scholar (WWS)

Walk With a Scholar (WWS) scheme under Higher Edn. Dept. Govt.of Kerala started in the year 2014 proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programs for students in Under Graduate Programs in Arts, Science and Commerce and to provide guidance for their future. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘Friend’.

The Scheme aims at giving necessary orientation to needy students, to prepare them for employment and give them necessary guidance, motivation and necessary mental support to identify appropriate areas for higher study as well as employment. 

The mentoring scheme plan to identify the opportunities available for the scholars, the areas suitable for them, the manner in which the scholar should proceed before them and evolve ways by which they can be acquired.

A Coordinator, Five teachers as internal mentors from various departments and 30 outstanding students of First yearwere selected by the College Council. Every year same pattern of selection is continuing. Now altogether 90 students ( Mentors) 15 Internal Mentors and one Coordinator were engaged in WWS activities.

Details of Internal Mentors and Coordinator of WWS 2014-17

  1. Smt.REMADEVI.P.R                                                           ASST.PROFESSOR, CHEMISTRY                  
  2. Smt.KAVITHA SIVADAS                                                     ASST.PROFESSOR,HISTORY         
  3. DR. MANJU T.                                                                    ASST.PROFESSOR, PHYSICS   
  4. Smt. MANJULA KRISHNAN                                               ASST.PROFESSOR, CHEMISTRY
  5. Smt. N.S  SREEDEVI                                                         ASST.PROFESSOR, ENGLISH

Details of Internal Mentors and Coordinator of WWS 2015-18

1.      Smt.Shylaja Devi P                                          Dept. of Chemistry

2.      Smt. Sinitha B Nair                                          Dept. of Physics

3.      SmtSreeja G                                                    Dept. of Politics

4.      Smt.Manju. V.Kumar                                        Dept. of Sanskrit

5.      Smt. S.Gowri Antherjanam                              Dept. Commerce

Details of Internal Mentors and Coordinator of WWS 2016-19

  1. Smt. Sreelakshmi  R                            Dept. of Sanskrit


  1. Smt. Sowmya M.R                                Dept. of Computer science


  1. Smt.Anumol K.A                                    Dept. of Economics


  1. Smt. Remya. R.Nair                              Dept. of Chemistry


  1. Smt.Lakshmipriya                                 Dept. of Malayalam

Details of Internal Mentors and Coordinator of WWS 2016-19


1.      Sreedevi N.S                                        English

2.      Priya S.S                                              Physics

3.      Jasitha K                                              Chemistry

4.      Gopika  G                                             Commerce

5.      Aparna  P                                             Sanskrit


Coordinator                                                            Smt. Mini. K.D