Department of Sanskrit


The department of Sanskrit started functioning in 1954, the year in which the college was founded. The college was affilliated to the then University of Travancore, which subserquently was renamed as University of Kerala after the re organization of states. Under Graduate and Intermediate courses in Sanskrit were offered from the beginning. As the founding fathers of the college had the intention of promoting and popularising Sanskrit and the teachings of that Great Son of India - Adi Sankaracharya, the threast area in the Under Graduate course is Sankara Vedanta. The students who opted for Vedanta as major subjects in the above courses enjoyed full fee concession till 1972. 

In the year 1984 the department had a fillip, when the M.G.University sanctioned Post Graduate Course in Sankara Vedanta. Since then, both the Ug and PG Courses attract students caterning to the needs of a large section of Sanskrit lovers in and around the area. The department was recognised as a Research Centre in Sanskrit by M.G.University on 2006 and yet two Ph.D degrees were awarded. Now the department has two research guides. Students who have successfully comeout of this department have found suitable vocations as University teachers, teachers in colleges and schools and as research guides.

There are as many as 5000 volumes in the Sanskrit section in the General library and around 1000 volumes in department library. The collection includes some rare books on Vedabhashyas, Vasthu Sastra, Medicine etc. Moreover there is frequent addition of Volumes to the library.

Dr. E.R Sreekrishna Sharma, an internationaly wellknown Sanskrit Scholar has worked in the department during the initial years (1960-1975). Sri N.S.Krishna Sharma, a famous scholar in Advaita Vedanta and allied Sastras, who had been a former teacher of the department was also the Asthana Pandit of Sri Sringeri Mutt.


Research Guides


Dr.Harikrishna Sharma K N

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
1 Dr.N.Ushadevi
Associate Professor
MA(Vedanta), MA9Philosophy), Ph.D 9497791673 View Profile
2 K.Veeramani
Associate Professor
MA 9847112324 View Profile
3 Dr.Suvarnani Antherjanam
Assistant Professor
MA, Ph.D 9497445232 View Profile
4 Dr.V.V.Anilkumar
Assistant Professor
MA, B.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D 9288045925 View Profile
5 Dr.Harikrishna Sharma K N
Assistant Professor
MA (Vedanta), B.Ed, M.Sc (Applied Psychology), Ph.D 9847598896 View Profile
6 Manju V Kumar
Assistant Professor
MA,B.Ed 8547796106 View Profile
7 Sreelekshmi R
Assistant Professor
MA 9495884262 View Profile
8 Dr.Aparna P
Assistant Professor
MA,M.Phil,Ph.D 9447313864 View Profile

Programmes Offered

BA - Sanskrit (Special Vedanta)

Semester 1 - Dr.Suvarnani Antherjanam
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NPoetry, Prose and Alankara
2Complementary Course-TheorySreelekshmi RSamskrtabodhini (Basics of Sanskrit Grammar)
3Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamSahitya – Poetry and Applied Alankara
4Core Course-TheoryDr.Harikrishna Sharma KNMethodology to Vedanta - Bharatiya Darsana Padhati

Semester 2 - Dr.Suvarnani Antherjanam
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamCommunication Skills in Sanskrit
2Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamVyakarana
3Complementary Course-TheoryK.VeeramaniHistory of Vedanta- Post Sankara Vedantins
4Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RMethodology Specific to Sanskrit Vedanta-Vedantasara

Semester 3 - Manju V Kumar
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritSreelekshmi RTranslation and Communication
2Complementary Course-TheoryDr.V.V.AnilkumarJyotisastravichara
3Complementary Course-TheoryDr.N.UshadeviModern Thinkers in Advaita Vedanta
4Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RInformatics

Semester 4 - Manju V Kumar
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NHistorical Survey of Sanskrit Literature and Kerala Culture
2Complementary Course-TheorySreelekshmi RFundamentals of Nyaya Philosophy
3Complementary Course-TheoryK.VeeramaniArthasangraha
4Core Course-TheoryManju V KumarMundakopanishad with Sankarabhashya

Semester 5 - K.Veeramani
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RChandogyopanishad
2Core Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamMandukyopanishad with first two prakaranas of Gaudapadakarika
3Core Course-TheoryDr.V.V.AnilkumarBhagavd Gita first 4 chapters with Sankarabhashya
4Core Course-TheoryDr.N.UshadeviAtmabodha and Darsanamala
5Open CourseK.VeeramaniYoga Theory and Practice

Semester 6 - K.Veeramani
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr.V.V.AnilkumarVedantaparibhasha
2Core Course-TheoryDr.N.UshadeviBrahmasutra Sankarabhashya- Chatussutri
3Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RVedantakarikavali
4Core Course-TheoryDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NVivekachudamani
5Core Course-TheoryManju V KumarAtmanatmaviveka
6ProjectOptional Project

MA - Sanskrit (Special Vedanta)

Semester 1 - Dr.N.Ushadevi
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RVedic Studies
2Core Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamNyayasiddhanta Muktavali
3Core Course-TheoryK.VeeramaniPatanjalayogasutra with Bhojavrtti
4Core Course-TheoryDr.V.V.AnilkumarBrahmasutra Sankarabhashya Chapter 1
5Core Course-TheoryDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NBhagavd Gita Sankarabhashya (5,6,7,8,9,15,17)

Semester 2 - Dr.N.Ushadevi
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NInformatics
2Core Course-TheoryManju V KumarSankhyatattvakaumudi
3Core Course-TheoryDr.V.V.AnilkumarSiddhantabindu
4Core Course-TheoryDr.N.UshadeviBhamati-Chatussutri
5Core Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamVakyavrtti-Drgdrsyaviveka

Semester 3 - Dr.Harikrishna Sharma K N
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RBrhadarnyaka Upanishad
2Core Course-TheoryDr.N.UshadeviEastern and Western Philosophy
3Core Course-TheoryK.VeeramaniVisistadvaita and Dvaita
4Core Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamVyakarana
5Core Course-TheoryDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NMimamsa-Manameyodaya

Semester 4 - Dr.Harikrishna Sharma K N
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr.V.V.AnilkumarAdvaitasiddhi
2Core Course-TheoryDr.Suvarnani AntherjanamFundamentals of Ayurvedic Hygiene
3Core Course-TheoryManju V KumarPoetics- Kavyaprakasa
4Core Course-TheoryDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NManuscriptology
5Core Course-TheorySreelekshmi RLinguistics

Phd - Programme

Phd - Programme
1Paper1Research methodology
2Paper2Sanskrit - Ancient and Modern
3Paper3Research Topic