Department of Physics



The department of Physics was established in 1957, as one among the first departments in the college. Being about 60 years of existence, the department is marching towards the status of a full-fledged centre with an average strength of 40 undergraduate students and 15 postgraduate students. The department is strengthened by 8 teaching staff, one guest lecturer and three non-teaching staff.

Along with routine teaching assignments, the faculty members of the department are involved in active research with minor and major research projects. The department has successfully set up a well-equipped material science research lab using project funds from UGC, DAE-BRNS, as well as Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE). In addition, the department is supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India though FIST scheme in 2014 for infrastructure development. The facilities help students do quality projects which enable them to pursue research projects in India as well as abroad. Students from neighbouring institutes also make use of the facilities available at the department for carrying out their project works. In addition, the department carries out collaborative research projects with a few neighbouring colleges. Physics department is planning to get itself upgraded to the level of an approved research centre in the immediate future.

The department can boast of its students getting placed in prestigious research positions in nationally and internationally reputed institutions and are working in cutting edge areas of Physics. A handful of students have succeeded in qualifying national level competitive exams such as GATE, NET, CSIR-JRF, etc.

The department conducts  National level Seminar series “Trends in Physical Sciences (TriPS)” every alternate year since 2011. The next one in the series is scheduled tentatively to be in July 2017. In connection with National Science day, the department conducts one day science exhibition “DIVI 2013” regularly and will be open to the school students. The department conducts regular extension activities such as classes on Amateur astronomy, sky-watching, etc.

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
1 Dr. G. Vinod
Associate Professor
M. Sc., Ph. D. 9446125805 View Profile
2 Prof. Ben Jos
Associate Professor
M. Sc. 9847144169 View Profile
3 Ms. Anitha Abraham
Assistant Professor
M. Sc., M. Phil., B. Ed., Ph. D thesis submitted 9495217724 View Profile
4 Ms. Vrinda S. Punnakkal
Assistant Professor
M. Sc., B.Ed 9846796071 View Profile
5 Dr. Manju T.
Assistant Professor
M. Sc., Ph. D 9497445181 View Profile
6 Ms. Sinitha B. Nair (on FDP Deputation)
Assistant Professor
M. Sc., M. Phil. 8086676563 View Profile
7 Ms. Nimmi Narayanan
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. 9388415014 View Profile
8 Ms. Priya S. S.
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. 9645539889 View Profile
9 Sumithra Sivadas Menon
FDP Substitute Teacher
M. Sc., Ph. D thesis submitted 9790721748 View Profile

Programmes Offered

BSc - Physics

Semester 1 - Priya S. S.
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishN S SreedeviCommunication Skills in English
2Common-EnglishN S SreedeviReading Literature
3Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.V.V.AnilkumarLiterature in Sanskrit, Poetry, Drama and Alankara
4Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr. SureshProse and One Act Play
5Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmipriyaകഥ, നോവല്
6Complementary Course-TheorySmt. P. SylajadeviChemistry I
7Complementary Course-TheoryAchsah Mary VargheseMathematics II
8Core Course-TheoryMs. Priya S. S.Methodology in Physics

Semester 2 - Priya S. S.
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishN S SreedeviCritical Thinking, Academic Writing and Presentation
2Common-EnglishN S SreedeviMusings on Vital Issues
3Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.V.V.AnilkumarCommunication Skills in Sanskrit, Prose and Drama
4Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr. Suresh Translation, Communication Skill and Applied Grammar
6Complementary Course-TheorySmt. P. SylajadeviChemistry II
7Complementary Course-TheoryAchsah Mary VargheseMathematics II
8Core Course-TheoryMs. Priya S. S.Mechanics and Properties of Matter

Semester 3 - Ms. Vrinda S. Punnakkal
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishDr.Anjana Sankar SReflection on Indian Polity, Secularism and Sustainable Environment
2Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NTranslation and Communication
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr. Ratheesh C. NairPoetry and Fiction
4Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmipriyaഅരങ്ങും പൊരുളും
5Complementary Course-TheorySmt. Manjula KrishnanChemistry III
6Complementary Course-TheoryEssy c CherianMathematics III
7Core Course-TheoryMs. Vrinda S. PunnakkalElectronics

Semester 4 - Ms. Vrinda S. Punnakkal
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishN S SreedeviEvolution of Philosophy of Science
2Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NHistorical Survey of Sanskrit Literature and Kerala Culture
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr. Ratheesh C. NairCulture and Civilisation of India
4Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmipriyaഗദ്യം, രചന പരിചയം
5Complementary Course-TheorySmt. P. SylajadeviChemistry IV
6Complementary Course-TheoryEssy c CherianMathematics IV
7Core Course-TheoryMs. Vrinda S. PunnakkalElectricity and Electrodynamics

Semester 5 - Dr. Manju T.
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryMs. Vrinda S. PunnakkalClassical and Quantum Mechanics
2Core Course-TheoryDr. Manju T.Physical Optics and Photonics
3Core Course-TheoryMr. Anugop B.Thermal and Statistical Physics
4Core Course-TheoryMs. Nimmi NarayananDigital Electronics
5Open CourseProf. Ben JosAmateur Astronomy

Semester 6 - Dr. Manju T.
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryProf. Ben JosAstronomy and Astrophysics
2Core Course-TheoryDr. G. VinodRelativity and Spectroscopy
3Core Course-TheoryDr. Manju T.Condensed Matter Physics
4Core Course-TheoryMr. Anugop B.Nuclear and Particle Physics
5Core Course-TheoryMs. Nimmi NarayananComputational Physics
6ProjectDr. Manju T.Project

MSc - Physics

Semester 1 - Prof. Ben Jos
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Manju T.Mathematical Methods in Physics I
2Core Course-TheoryMr. Anugop B.Classical Mechanics
3Core Course-TheoryDr. G. VinodElectrodynamics
4Core Course-TheoryMs. Nimmi NarayananElectronics

Semester 2 - Prof. Ben Jos
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryMs. Sinitha B. NairMathematical Methods in Physics - II
2Core Course-TheoryDr. G. VinodQuantum Mechanics - I
3Core Course-TheoryMr. Anugop B.Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
4Core Course-TheoryProf. Ben JosCondensed Matter Physics

Semester 3 - Dr. G. Vinod
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. G. VinodQuantum Mechanics II
2Core Course-TheoryMs. Nimmi NarayananComputational Physics
3Core Course-TheoryMs. Sinitha B. NairIntegrated Electronics and Digital Signal Processing
4Core Course-TheoryMr. Anugop B.Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices

Semester 4 - Dr. G. Vinod
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. G. VinodAtomic and Molecular Physics
2Core Course-TheoryMs. Nimmi NarayananNuclear and Particle Physics
3Core Course-TheoryMs. Sinitha B. NairInstrumentation and Communication Electronics
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Manju T.Thin Films and Nano science