Department of Hindi


BA Hindi commenced in 1965. Under graduate Departmentof Hindi has successfully accomplished its goul of quality enhancement in all the related areas.Department has bagged many university ranks.1st rank in 1986,1999,2002,2003, 2nd rank in 2003 &1sr,2nd.and 3rd rank in2010.After the second accreditation in2008.All the faculty members have worked in a concerted manner with the twin objectives of enhancing the competency of the faculty and increasing the  effectiveness of the teaching/ learning process.

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
Associate Professor
MA HINDI 9048436655 View Profile
Associate Professor
MA,Mphil,PhD 9446741310 View Profile
3 Dr Ratheesh C Nair
Assistant Professor
MA,Mphil,PhD,PGDHT 9847661386 View Profile
4 Dr.Rupesh R
Assistant Professor
MA,Mphl,PhD,PGDHT 9895174030 View Profile
5 Dr Rejani VA
Assistant Professor
MA,BEd PhD 9947116248 View Profile

Programmes Offered

BA - Hindi Language& Literature

Semester 1 - Dr Ratheesh C Nair
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishDr.Preethi NairCommunication skills in English
2Common-EnglishRajeesh K PReading Literature
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr Rejani VAProse &One Act play
4Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Rupesh RJournalism
5Complementary Course-TheoryNISHI VBFunctional Hindi and Technical Terminology
6Core Course-TheoryDr Ratheesh C NairDevelopment of Hindi Language

Semester 2 - Dr Ratheesh C Nair
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRajeesh K PCrttical Thinking,Acadenic writng&presentation
2Common-EnglishN S SreedeviMusings on vital issues
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr.Rupesh RTranslation communication skills&Applied Grammar
4Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Rupesh RNews& Editing
5Complementary Course-TheoryDr.SURESH AIndian Administrative System and Hindi
6Core Course-TheoryDr Ratheesh C NairDevelopment of Hindi Literature upto Ritikal

Semester 3 - Dr Rejani VA
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRENJITHUnderstanding India
2Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr A SureshNovel & short story
3Complementary Course-TheorySmt.VB NishiFunctional Hindi -Noting & Drafting
4Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Rupesh RJournalism-Rules & Regulations
5Core Course-TheoryDr Ratheesh C NairInformation technology, mass communication &public relation

Semester 4 - Dr Rejani VA
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRenjithEvolution of philosophy of science
2Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr.Rupesh RCulture & Civilization of India
3Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Rupesh RJournalism & electronic media
4Complementary Course-TheoryDr.SURESH AComputer & Hindi
5Core Course-TheoryDr Ratheesh C NairDevelopment of modern Hindi literature

Semester 5 - Dr.Rupesh R
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr.SURESH AHindi Language & literature
2Core Course-TheoryDr.Rupesh RAuthentic study of Hindi poetry
3Core Course-TheoryNISHI VBLiterary criticism
4Core Course-TheoryDr Rejani VAFeminist Literature in Hindi
5Core Course-TheoryDr Ratheesh C Nairopen course Film Studies

Semester 6 - Dr.Rupesh R
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr Ratheesh C NairComparative Literature
2Core Course-TheoryDr.SURESH AFiction-Novel & short story
3Core Course-TheoryDr Rejani VADrama & one act play
4Core Course-TheoryNISHI VBTheoretical and applied grammar
5Core Course-TheoryDr.Rupesh RLyrical poetry special reference to Madhusalaand bhramargeeth
6ProjectNISHI VB