Department of English


A Postgraduate department with five Ph D holders and a CELTA degree holder,involved in moulding the character of successive generations of students. A student-centered approach is followed by the ten-member faculty of whom six members have more than twenty years of teaching experience.Special stress is given to communicative language learning, providing ample scope to hone the language skills of students.Special care is taken to foster an ethical value system that will ensure character moulding.

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
1 C P Jaisankar
Assistant Professor
M A , M.Phil, CELTA 9847032441 View Profile
2 S K Usha
Associate Professor
M A, M.Phil 9496177656, 0484-2463237 View Profile
3 Dr.Anjana Sankar S
Associate Professor
M A, B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D 0484-2603522,9947688910 View Profile
4 Dr.Vinod Gopi
Associate Professor
M A, B.Ed, Ph.D 9446955133 View Profile
5 Dr.C K Sujeesh
Associate Professor
MA, B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph D, PGDEPMA 0480-2721067,9447829274 View Profile
6 Dr.Preethi Nair
Associate Professor
M A, B.Ed,Ph.D 0484-2699308, 9249444803 View Profile
7 Kairali K K
Assistant Professor
MA 9495229746 View Profile
8 N S Sreedevi
Assistant Professor
MA, M.Phil 9746198408 View Profile
9 Dr.Rose Mary Palatty
Assistant Professor
M A, M.Phil, Ph.D 0480-2890349, 9539719506 View Profile
10 Saumya A P
Assistant Professor
M A, B.Ed 9995418491 View Profile
11 Rajeesh K P
Assistant Professor
M A 9786927846 View Profile

Programmes Offered

BA - English

Semester 1 - Rajeesh K P
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRengithCommunication Skills in English
2Common-EnglishDr.Anjana Sankar SReading Literature in English
3Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritSuvarnini AntharjanamLiterature in Sanskrit language- Poetry,Drama and Alankara
4Common(Adl.Language)-HindiRoopeshProse and One Act play
5Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLekshmipriyaKatha, Novel
6Complementary Course-TheorySreeja .G. An Introduction to Political Science
7Core Course-TheoryRajeesh K PMethodology of Humanities and Literature

Semester 2 - Rajeesh K P
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishMrs. Amrutha P N Critical Thinking, Academic Writing & Presentation Skills
2Common-EnglishDr.Anjana Sankar SMusings on Vital Issues
3Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritSuvarnini AntharjanamCommunication Skills In Sanskrit Language
4Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr.Roopesh. RTranslation, Communication Skills &Applied Grammar
5Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmypriya Kavitha
6Complementary Course-TheorySreeja GGovernmental Machinery &Processes
7Core Course-TheoryRajeesh K PAn Inroduction to the Study of Language&Literature

Semester 3 - Saumya A P
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishN S SreedeviReflections on Indian Polity,Secularism &Sustainable Environment
2Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NTranslation &Communication
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr Ratheesh C NairPoetry&Fiction
4Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmipriya.M.RArangum Porulum
5Complementary Course-TheorySaumya A PEvolution of Literary Movements- The Shapers of Destiny
6Core Course-TheoryDr.Rose Mary PalattyLiterature &Informatics
7Core Course-TheoryN S SreedeviReading Prose

Semester 4 - Saumya A P
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishSreedevi.N.SEvolution of the Philosophy of Science : Literary Perspectives
2Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritSreelekshmi RHistorical Survey of Sanskrit Literature &Civilization
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr Ratheesh C NairIndian Culture &Civilization
4Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLekshmipriyaGadyam, Rachana Parichayam
5Complementary Course-TheorySaumya .A.PEvolution of Literary Movements : Crosscurrents
6Core Course-TheoryRejeesh K.P.Reading Poetry
7Core Course-TheoryAmrutha NarayananReading Fiction

Semester 5 - Dr.Vinod Gopi
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr.C.K.SujeeshReading Drama
2Core Course-TheorySaumya A PLanguage and Linguistics
3Core Course-TheoryDr. Rosemary PalattyPostcolonial Literatures
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Vinod GopiLiterary Criticism :Theory and Practice
5Open CourseDr.Anjana Sankar.SMedia Studies

Semester 6 - Dr.Vinod Gopi
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Anjana Sankar.SWomen & Literature
2Core Course-TheoryDr. Rosemary PalattyIndian Writing
3Core Course-TheoryDr. C.K.SujeeshComparative Literature
4Open CourseSreedevi .N.SRegional Literatures In Translation
5ProjectDr.Rosemary PalattyProject

MA - M.A.English Programme

Semester 1 - N S Sreedevi
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr.Preethi NairChaucer &the Roots of English
2Core Course-TheoryDr. C.K.SujeeshWritings of the Renaissance
3Core Course-TheoryC.P. JaisankarRevolution and Enlightenment
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Anjana Sankar.SLiterary Criticism and Academic Writing
5Core Course-TheorySaumya A PIndian English Literature

Semester 2 - N S Sreedevi
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Sujeesh. C.K.Literature of the Nineteenth Century
2Core Course-TheoryDr. Preethi NairModernism in Context
3Core Course-TheoryDr.Vinod GopiDimensions of the Postmodern
4Core Course-TheoryDr.Vinod GopiDimensions of the Postmodern
5Core Course-TheorySaumya A.P.Language & Linguistics
6Core Course-TheorySreedevi .N.S.Theories Of Knowledge

Semester 3 - Dr.Anjana Sankar S
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Anjana Sankar .S.American Literature
2Core Course-TheoryRejeesh. K.PCultural Studies
3Core Course-TheoryDr.Rose Mary PalattyGender Studies
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Sreedevi.N.S.Modes Of Fiction
5Core Course-TheoryDr. Sujeesh .C.KTexts and Performance

Semester 4 - Dr.Anjana Sankar S
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Rosemary PalattyLiterature and the Empire
2Open CourseDr. Preethi NairModern European Drama
3Open CourseDr.Vinod Gopi European Fiction
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Anjana Sankar.SThe Indian Poetic Tradition
5Open CourseDr. Saumya A.P.English Language Teaching