Department of Economics


The department of Economics which had its origin way back in 1958 has always been in the main stream of academic life of Sree Sankara College. The first batch of BA Economics came out in 1960.The major breakthrough of the department lies in introducing a post graduate course namely MA Economics in 1962.The recognition of the department as a research centre (1999) in Economics is an important milestone in the development of the department.

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
1 Sambhu Nampoothiri N
Associate Professor
MA MPhil 09447175284 View Profile
2 Dr. Sreeja S
Associate Professor
MA, MPhil, PhD 9048367663 View Profile
3 Dr. Geetha P
Associate Professor
MA, MPhil, PhD 9497443074 View Profile
4 S Prasad
Assistant Professor
MA. MPhil 9447212518 View Profile
5 Dr. Preemy P Thachil
Assistant Professor
MA, BEd, PhD 9846442625 View Profile
6 Rajy Ramakrishnan
Assistant Professor
MA B Ed 9544600092 View Profile
7 Anumol K A
Assistant Professor
MA, MPhil 9645456545 View Profile

Programmes Offered

BA - Economics

Semester 1 - Anumol K A
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishSaumya A PCommunication Skills in English
2Common-EnglishDr.Rose Mary PalattyRerading Literature
3Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NLiterature in Sanskrit, Poetry, Drama and Alankara
4Common(Adl.Language)-HindiDr. Rajini V AProse and One Act Play
5Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmi Priyaകഥ, നോവല്‍
6Complementary Course-TheoryRahulSocial Formation in Pre Modern India
7Core Course-TheoryAnumol K AMethodology of Social Sciences with Special Reference to Economics

Semester 2 - Anumol K A
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRajeesh K PCritical Thinking, Academic Writing and Presentation
2Common-EnglishN S SreedeviMusings on Vital Issues
3Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.V.V.AnilkumarCommunication Skills in Sanskrit Prose and Drama
4Common(Adl.Language)-HindiRoopeshTranslation, Communication - Skilled Appliied Grammer
5Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLaskhmi Priyaകവിത
6Complementary Course-TheoryKavitha SivadasTransition to the contemparary World
7Core Course-TheoryAnumol K ADevelopment and Environmental Economics

Semester 3 - Rajy Ramakrishnan
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishN S SreedeviReflection on Indian Polity secularism and sustainable environment
2Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NTranslation and Communication
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiRejani V APoetry and Fiction
4Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLakshmi Priyaഅരങ്ങും പൊരുളും
5Complementary Course-TheorySreeja DAn Introduction to Political Science
6Core Course-TheoryRajy RamakrishnanPrinciples of Microeconomics

Semester 4 - Rajy Ramakrishnan
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishN S SreedeviEvolution of the Philosophy of Science
2Common(Adl.Language)-SanskritDr.Harikrishna Sharma K NHistorical Survey of Sanskrit Literature and Kerala Culture
3Common(Adl.Language)-HindiRejini V ACulture and Civilization of India
4Common(Adl.Language)-MalayalamLahshmi Priyaഗദ്യം, രചന പരിചയം
5Complementary Course-TheorySreejaGovernmental Machinery and Processes
6Core Course-TheoryAnumol K AMicroeconomic Analysis
7Core Course-TheoryRajy RamakrishnanPublic Economics

Semester 5 - Dr. Preemy P Thachil
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Geetha PQuantitative Techniques for Economic Analysis
2Core Course-TheorySambhu Nampoothiri NPrinciples of Macroeconomics
3Core Course-TheoryDr. Preemy P ThachilIndian Economy
4Core Course-TheoryS PrasadEconomics of Financial Markets
5Core Course-TheoryRajy RamakrishnanOpen Course

Semester 6 - Dr. Preemy P Thachil
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Sreeja SQuantitative Economics
2Core Course-TheorySambhu Nampoothiri NMacroeconomic Analysis
3Core Course-TheoryDr. Preemy P ThachilDevelopment Issues of the Indian Economy
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Geetha PChoice-based Course: Econometric Methods
5Core Course-TheoryS PrasadInternational Economics

MA - Economics

Semester 1 - S Prasad
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Preemy P ThachilMicroeconomics: Theory of Consumer Behaviour & Frim
2Core Course-TheorySambhu Nampoothiri NMacroeconomc Theory and Policy
3Core Course-TheoryRajy RamakrishnanIndian Economy: Issues and Policies - I
4Core Course-TheoryS PrasadEconomics of Development and Growth - I
5Core Course-TheoryDr. Sreeja SQuantitative Methods for Economic Analysis - I

Semester 2 - S Prasad
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryDr. Preemy P ThachilMicroeconomics: Markets, Information and Welfare
2Core Course-TheorySambhu Nampoothiri NAdvanced Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
3Core Course-TheoryAnumol K AIndian Economy: Issues and Policies - II
4Core Course-TheoryS PrasadEconomics of Development and Growth - II
5Core Course-TheoryDr. Geetha PQuantitative Methods for Economic Analysis - II

Semester 3 - Dr. Geetha P
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryAnumol K AInternational Trade Theory and Policy
2Core Course-TheoryRajy RamakrishnanPublic Economics
3Core Course-TheorySambhu Nampoothiri NResearch Methods in Economics
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Preemy P ThachilEconomics of Environment and Social Sector
5Core Course-TheoryDr. Sreeja SBasic Econometircs

Semester 4 - Dr. Geetha P
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryS PrasadGlobal Trading and Monetary System
2Core Course-TheoryRajy RamakrishnanIndian Public Finance
3Core Course-TheoryDr. Preemy P ThachilResource Economics and Sustainable Development
4Core Course-TheoryDr. Sreeja SManagement Theory and Practice
5Core Course-TheoryDr. Geetha PEconomics of Agriculture
6ProjectSambhu Nampoothiri NDissertation