Department of Biotechnology



The Department of Biotechnology started functioning in the year 2005 as an expansion of self financing courses offered by the college. In this period of fast development of knowledge outsourcing, Biotechnology offers good scope of earning foreign exchange reserve for the country. Biotechnology was  a new area of research alien to this small town of Kalady. But with the initiative of the management,students are provided good opportunities in opening new awareness of carreer with high prospects.The Biotechnology department of the college at present only offering an Under Graduate course with the  hope of starting a Post Graduate course in the immediate future

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
1 Ms. Manju R
Assistant Professor
MSc ,B.Ed +919447578549 View Profile
2 Ms. Sujayalakshmi K V
Assistant Professor
MSc, NET,GATE +919961518907 View Profile
3 Ms.Feby K John
Assistant Professor
+919846648727 View Profile

Programmes Offered


Semester 1 - Ms. Sujayalakshmi K V
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRanjith P REnglish
2Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Febi JohnBiochemistry-1
3Complementary Course-TheoryJiya PaulMicrobiology-1
4Complementary Course-TheoryDr.Febi JohnBiochemistry-1Practical
5Complementary Course-TheoryJiya paulMicrobiology-1 Practical
6Core Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VBasic Lifesciences
7Core Course-TheoryKavya M DasElementary Chemistry
8Core Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VBasic Lifescience And Elementary Chemistry(Practical)

Semester 2 - Ms. Manju R
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishMr. Ranjith P REnglish
2Complementary Course-TheoryDR. FEBI JOHNBiochemistry_2
3Complementary Course-TheoryJiya PaulMicrobiology-2
4Complementary Course-TheoryDR.Febi JohnBiochemistry_2 practical
5Complementary Course-TheoryJiya PaulMicrobiology-2 Practical
6Core Course-TheoryMs Sujayalakshmi K VCell Biology
7Core Course-TheoryMs Moby C MMethodology of Science
8Core Course-TheoryMs. Feby K JohnEvolutionary Biology
9Core Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VPractical Cell Biology

Semester 3 - Ms. Manju R
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Complementary Course-TheoryMrs. PRIYA KRISHNABiochemistry-3
2Complementary Course-TheoryMs Jiya PaulMicrobiology-3
3Complementary Course-TheoryPriyaBiochemistry- Practical
4Complementary Course-TheoryMs jiya PaulMicrobiology 3 -Practical
5Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju RGenetics
6Core Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnImmunology
7Core Course-TheoryMs moby C MBiostatitics and computer Application
8Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju RPractical Immunology & Genetics

Semester 4 - Ms.Feby K John
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Complementary Course-TheoryMs Jiya PaulMicrobiology
2Complementary Course-TheoryMs Anju S KumarBiochemistry-4
3Complementary Course-TheoryMs Priya KrishnaPractical Biochemistry
4Complementary Course-TheoryJiya PaulPractical Microbiology
5Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju RMolecular Biology
6Core Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnEnzymology
7Core Course-TheoryMs Poornima KrishnaBiophysics and Bioinformatics
8Core Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnPractical Molecular Biology and Enzymology

Semester 5 - Ms.Feby K John
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryMs.Feby K John1. rDNA Technology
2Core Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VIndustrial Biotechnology
3Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju RAnimal Biotechnology
4Core Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnrDNA Technology & Industrial Biotechnology Practical
5Open CourseMrs. ANJU S KUMARHuman Physiology(Open Course)

Semester 6 - Ms. Sujayalakshmi K V
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VPlant Biotechnology
2Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju REnvironmental Biotechnology
3Core Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnDisease and Diagnostics Biotechnology
4Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju RPlant Biotechnology & Environmental Biotechnology Practical
5Core Course-TheoryMs. Manju RProject & Viva Voce