Department of Microbiology(UG Self financing)


The self financing course in BSc Microbiology was started in the year 2002 in compliance to the policy initiative taken by the government as a policy of education opening the windows of self financing structure in private aided institutions as a mark of radical shift in the education policies of earlier precedent.Hence new courses focusing on vocational stream education rather than the conventional streams became the highlight of the new education policy of the government. It is appreciating to note that Sree Sankara Institution that set its motto of socio economic upliftment of the divine land of Kalady did not lie behind in setting this new structure of education with refined motive.

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Qualification Contact No. Profile
1 Ms Jithasha Balan
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, B.Ed, NET. 9495127103 View Profile
2 Seena Kuruvila
Asst. Professor
M.Sc Microbiology, NET 9446943318 View Profile
3 Ms Vishaya Vijayan
Assistant Professor
M Sc ,GATE 9388637022 View Profile
4 Ms.Jiya Paul
MSc Microbiology 9447380653 View Profile

Programmes Offered

BSc - Microbiology

Semester 1 - Vishaya Vijayan
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishRenjith P.RCommunication skills inEnglish
2Complementary Course-TheoryAnju S KumarBiochemistry-1
3Complementary Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VBiotechnology-1
4Complementary Course-TheoryAnju S KumarPractical Biochemistry-1
5Complementary Course-TheoryMs. Manju RPracticalBiotechnology-1
6Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanCore1 MB1B01U Fundamentals of Microbiology
7Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB1B02U Microbial Metabolism & Microbial Genetics
8Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanMB1B03U Microbiology Practical -1

Semester 2 - Vishaya Vijayan
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Common-EnglishMr.Renjith P.RCritical Thinking and Writing in English
2Complementary Course-TheoryAnju S KumarBiochemistry-2
3Complementary Course-TheoryMs. Manju RBiotechnology-2
4Complementary Course-TheoryAnju S KumarPractical Biochemistry-2
5Complementary Course-TheoryMs. Manju RPractical Biotechnology
6Core Course-TheoryMs Jithasha BalanMB2B04U Immunology
7Core Course-TheoryMs.Moby C.MMB2B0 5U Science Methodology& Biostatistics
8Core Course-TheoryMs Jithasha BalanMB2B06U Microbiology Practical-2

Semester 3 - Ms Jithasha Balan
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Complementary Course-TheoryMS.Priya KrishnaBiochemistry-3
2Complementary Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnBiotechnology-3
3Complementary Course-TheoryMs.Priya KrishnaPractical Biochemistry-3
4Complementary Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnPractical biotechnology
5Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB3B07U Industrial Microbiology
6Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanMB3B08U Soil Microbiology
7Core Course-TheoryJiya PaulMB3B09U Food Microbiology
8Core Course-TheoryMs Jithasha BalanMB3B10U Microbiology Practical-3

Semester 4 - Jiya Paul
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Complementary Course-TheoryAnju S KumarBiochemistry-4
2Complementary Course-TheorySujayalakshmi K VBiotechnology-4
3Complementary Course-TheoryMs.Feby K JohnPractical Biotechnology
4Core Course-TheoryMs Jithasha BalanMB4B11U Aquatic Microbiology
5Core Course-TheoryJiya PaulMB4B12U Environmental Microbiology
6Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB4B13U Agricultural Microbiology
7Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanMB4B14U Microbiology Practical 4

Semester 5 - Seena Kuruvila
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanMB5B15U Medical Bacteriology-1
2Core Course-TheoryJiya PaulMB5B16UMedical Bacteriology-2
3Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB5B17U Medical Mycology
4Core Course-TheoryMs Jithasha BalanMB5B18U Medical Parasitology
5Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB5B19U Microbiology Practical-5

Semester 6 - Seena Kuruvila
SI. No.CourseTeacherTitle
1Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanMB6B20 U Medical Virology
2Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB6B21U Diagnostic Microbiology
3Core Course-TheoryJiya PaulMB6B22BUSanitation Microbiology/
4Core Course-TheorySeena KuruvilaMB6B23U Microbiology Practical-6
5Core Course-TheoryMs Jithasha BalanMB6B24U Seminar
6Core Course-TheoryVishaya VijayanMB6B25U Project
7Core Course-TheoryJiya PaulMB6B26UViva